What We Do

Our Vision

AMG Partners is a first-of-its-kind Advanced manufacturing growth and buyout equity fund. We invest in, and actively work with the founder, entrepreneurs and management teams to accelerate the growth of U.S. Advanced Manufacturing companies globally.

The "Go-To" Fund in Advanced Manufacturing

A singular focus on rapidly expanding Advanced Manufacturing space through growth equity investments in highest potential Advanced Materials, Precision Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Connected Hardware/ IoT, Shop Automation and Robotics, and Quality & Testing companies.

Differentiated capital and a hand-on value added approach to creating value because of our expertise and experience:

• Strong and proven business development experience to help companies grow

• A strong network of sector experts and OEMs

• Relevant operating experience

• Permanent capital structure allows a longer term view

Why Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing represents the 4th Industrial revolution, transforming the 12 trillion-dollar manufacturing industry. Advanced manufacturing is using innovative technology for development of new materials, new products and new ways of making or maintaining existing products.

Advanced manufacturing sectors are growing at 10-25% per year and are rapidly transforming industries such as Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Medical & Energy.

Advanced Materials

Precision Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Connected Hardware/IoT

Shop Automation and Robotics

Quality & Testing Companies

Value Creation Approach

• Singular focus on accelerating the growth of US Advanced Manufacturing companies globally though growth equity and buyout investments

• Leverage relationships with industry experts, corporations, network of manufacturing innovation institutes and DOD to identify the highest potential companies

• Drive growth of companies through guiding business development, organization building and operations improvement

• Long term view of growth and value creation given the permanent capital nature of the fund